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Terms of Sale

(1) BIDDING ON ANY ITEM(S) INDICATES YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THE FOLLOWING TERMS. Thank you all for your interest and cooperation. We look forward to processing your bids and wish you the best of luck.

(2) The following items are for auction only and will be sold to the highest bidder.

(3) No buyer's premium is added to bids!

(4) Toy Scouts, Inc. reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids.

• Written bids using the provided bid form must be received by the closing date.
• For your convenience, our FAX machine is on 24 hours a day and we can offer overseas fax-backs.
• Also, bidders can register and bid via this website or by email at bids@toyscouts.com.Email bids must be received by 5:00 pm on the auction closing date. We are not responsible for delays in email bids and outbid notices due to internet lag.
• Bidders are welcome to telephone us anytime on or after two days prior to the auction's closing date to find out the current high bids are, and, if they wish, submit higher bids. We encourage you to take advantage our website on which you can quickly find the most current high bids on all items in the auction. All telephone bids must raise the current high bid by at least 10%. In all cases, items under $50 require $5 minimum increase. Tie bids are decided by earliest bids received.

(6) ABSENTEE/CEILING BIDS Toys Scouts, Inc. will bid on your behalf if you are unable to bid on the day of the sale. A ceiling bid indicates your top limit -- the highest amount you would be willing to pay for each lot if you were able to bid live, either on the phone or on the internet. Absentee/ceiling bids will be executed competitively against other bidders.Lot will be purchased for absentee/ceiling bidders at the lowest possible price under their top limit.

Example: You want to bid on item #900 but do not want to stay up late and continue to call or email. You would like start your bidding at $15, so you enter $15 in the "Actual Bid" field. You definitely do not want to bid any higher the $65, so your enter $65 in the "Ceiling Bid" field. Our computer uses this information to place your bids for you. On the night of the auction, someone tops your bid of $15 and bids $20 for item #900. Our computer then checks your ceiling bid and raises your bid to $25. As the auction night wears on, either the other bidder(s) will give up, giving you the item at your last bid (say, $40), or the other bidder(s) will top your ceiling bid of $65 and the computer will cease to bid for you. If you need any clarification on this process, please contact us before the closing night.

(7) TRADE-IN POLICY Toy Scouts, Inc. actively accepts trade material you may own as bids before the closing night of the auction. We are interested in 1950's & 60's character collectibles, pre-1968 superhero items, especially original artwork, comic books (particularly Golden Age comics) and Superman flicker-flasher rings. Just present to us what you have by phone, mail, email or fax before the closing night of the auction and we will tell you what dollar amount on your item(s). You may not only win the bid, but have cash coming back to you as well!

(8) MINIMUM BID POLICY All auction items have an estimated value given in order to help you place your bids more effectively. The minimum bid is shown as the low value in that range; however, the actual decision on each individual bid is not made until after the auction closes. It is likely that some items in every auction will sell for below their estimated bid range. However, we will not place unreasonably low bids, whether they are sent in writing, posted via the internet, or given over the phone. An unreasonably low bid is defined as any bid lower than 90% of the given minimum bid.

(9) OHIO RESIDENTS Ohio residents must pay sales tax of 5.75% or provide tax exempt number.

(10) LAYAWAYS Lay aways are available. Send one third of the amount due within two weeks of the date of the invoice. Balance due within sixty days of that invoice date. The deposit is not refundable and no exchanges can be made. If there is a balance still due after seventy-five (75) days of the invoice date, the deposit is forfeited and the item is returned to our inventory.

(11) BIDS MUST BE HONORED Bidding sales are not approval sales. Winning bids must be honored by bidders as the bid sheet is a contractual obligation. Overdue invoices may be submitted to a collection agency. Deliquent bidders whose invoices are submitted to a collection agency will be responsible for any additional processing, legal, and other fees. Gross errors in our description is the only cause for a return. Requests for adjustment must be made within three days of receipt of the item and must be accompanied by a letter of explanation.

(12) PAYMENT All sales are for cash. Payments are due within two weeks of the date on the invoice, unless lay away arrangements have been made. Personal checks require two weeks to clear the bank. Please include your name, Visa or Mastercard number, and expiration date if you wish to change your invoice to your credit card. NOTE: All orders are processed in the order in which we receive them, on a first come, first served basis.

(13) Items may be inspected at our business office BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

(14) If you desire additional information reguarding the exact description, condition, or bidding procedure, please telephone us before the closing day and we will be glad to assist you. Please note that the measurements included in our descriptions are rounded to the nearest half-inch.

(15) AUCTION CLOSING On the last evening of the auction, the auctionwill close when 15 minutes pass without a new bid after 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. If you are calling your bids in and you get a busy signal, continue trying as calls will be accepted until 15 minutes pass after 9:00 pm without a new bid. Don't wait until late into the night to call. Don't give up if you get a busy signal. That simply means the auction is still in progress. If you call past the closing time and you get our answering machine, that means that we have fielded our last call, waited 15 minutes without a new bid, and the auction has ended!

Important: Bids submitted by email may be delayed by internet lag. If you are using the internet to bid, please consider taking advantage of the automatic bidding system on our website instead, as it is not subject to these delays and will provide you with the most up-to-date information. While we do accept bids via email, we are NOT responsible for email which is not received by the closing time due to internet lag.

(16) SHIPPING POLICY Orders are sent in the same order in which they are received, with the exception of overnight and second day air requests. The sudden rush of orders keeps us incredibly busy, so please allow 2-4 weeks after your payment has reached us for your package to arrive. Money orders are processed more quickly than personal checks, which may take as long as 10 days to clear our bank, delaying your shipment. Thank you in advance for your patience -- we realize that you are anxious for your items, and we work extra long hours to get them to you as quickly as possible.

(17) OVERSEAS SHIPPING POLICY In addition to the other rules listed here, please note that you, the buyer, are responsible for any damage to items shipped out of the country. The utmost care will be used in the careful packaging of your purchase(s), and we will be happy to insure your purchase(s) for any amount up to the full retail value of the item(s), however, we will not be responsible for damages, loss, or compensation of any kind if you instruct us to under-insure your package so that you can avoid duty cost. Whether you insure the package at full value and pay a higher duty, or under-insure the package and take a chance that it may arrive damaged is your choice and we will adhere to your wishes, but we will not assume the risk for an underinsured package.

(18) Items of which copies or duplicates may be made or recorded (i.e. movie scripts, product catalogs, video tapes, etc.) are not returnable.


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