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Item Grading & Abbreviations


We use a standard universal grading code which is defined below. If you need any further information on an item, please feel free to call us during our regular business hours (Mon-Thur, 10:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M. E.S.T.) at (330) 836-0668. Our return rate has been less than 1/2 of 1% over the past ten years.



Flawless, like new, and in most cases, unused.

Near Mint [NM]

Only slight detectable wear, appearance is still bright and clean.

Very Fine [VF]

Bright and clean condition, item will have some use, but little abuse. Possibility of creases to box or paper, corner splits, small paint flakes, small price tag tears, etc., but still highly displayable and a sound investable.

Fine [FN]

Overall nice displayable condition, no major damage or defects, but some overall general wear or fading or evidence of creases. Not abused and displays well. Good overall resale value for collectors who want a well-preserved item at an affordable price.

Very Good [VG]

Shows use but no serious damage or pieces missing. Chips in paint, heavy crease, fading--all of these signs of wear could come into play, although the item is still displayable. The majority of collectors will buy a VG item until they can later upgrade that particular item, or if it conforms better to their budget, or simply to have the satisfaction of playing with the item without worrying about the "Mint" status that so often goes with collecting.

Good [G]

Obvious wear, some damage in the way of a dent, missing piece or tear, etc. Displayable, yes, but limited in collectible value (although it has been our experience items we sell in good condition, if priced reasonably, fly out of our catalog.)


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